The Year of Living Shamelessly

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But this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and so I thought it was a good time to repost my anxiety journey. I hope it gives other sufferers ideas and hope. My Anxiety Journey The first memory I I was lucky enough to spend last weekend on a yoga retreat in Cornwall, run by my yoga teacher.

The Year of Living Shamelessly

I knew the yoga was going to be brilliant, because Tina is an awesome teacher and I love the way she teaches. Being able to practice yoga two or three times a day was a Today I'm writing this on 22nd April is Earth Day, an annual event to help tackle the problems affecting the environment, the planet, Earth. If you have missed the increased media attention on the plastic pollution of the World's seas and the climate change issues, Spring certainly feels like it has sprung.

I'm writing this in the sunshine, albeit with a jumper or two on, but to feel the sun on my face is just lovely. Here's hoping that it lasts a little while longer.

Living Life Shamelessly

Yet again time has run away with me, I've been meaning to Jan 22, calm , self care , ShamelesslyMe. It's not an official thing for this year to be a year for self-care but it is my resolution. To practice self-care and to share and encourage self-care. It fits in with everything that my business offers, and the more I believe in the power and importance of self-care Nov 6, 10 days of self-care , Beat anxiety , Bloggin' , How to help anxiety.

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Day 10 - the right ambience Creating a comforting and relaxing environment can be a nice way to promote your self care. After a year of watching Katie turn herself into someone else Ryder has just 8 more days to witness her transformation. When Katie finds out that Ryder is leaving and she has very little time to make a move with him she pulls out all the stops.


This book was a bit all over the place for me. I understand that she wanted Ryder to make the first move but come on!

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  4. He finds himself so unlovable that he has to leave town and move to Dubai. The book did have some cute moments with Katie and her friends — they seemed very close and it was fun to watch them together.

    Living Shamelessly And Loving It

    Overall I was just a little annoyed with the hero and heroine. This book is available from NAL Trade. You can buy it here. Good review. I read this one last week because I enjoyed one of her older books Lip Lock, but this one was just OK.

    Shamelessly Me Blog

    Now that guy was a mega wimp! He lived at home in his parents basement, still had his same highschool job working in a bowling ally, was afraid of heights and let the heroine run roughshot over him the entire story. That book was a total bomb. May I enquire as to whether the hero had any sensible reasons for the low self esteem? Because frankly, he sounds like a chump. It feels to me like the author wants to have the tasty self esteem angst and the alpha confidentyness combined in one package. He has a good career too. Life is good for this guy, but yep he thinks he is not good enough due to childhood issues.

    (Hey Man) Now you're really living shamelessly

    Not too believable, and as you pointed out way overdone. You read this book for the sex scenes, but take the story itself with a big grain of salt. Yeah — what KarLynP said. He was a hunk but because of how his parents treated him he felt that he was unlovable.