The Tabernacle as a Model for Meditation: Based on the Edgar Cayce Reading

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She was already well practiced at prayer. After the hurricane passed, her entire neighborhood was essentially destroyed. The homes on all four sides of her and everywhere she could see had been demolished. Yet her home stood there unscathed. To see the picture of it with the surrounding homes leveled all around it is a picture worth a thousand words. It was a miracle. Did her neighbors wait until a disaster to start to pray?

Did they flee in fear and never bother to pray at all? Was she quite foolish to stay? There is the report of a group of people who stayed when a different major hurricane was bearing down on them. They just wanted to experience the hurricane in a party attitude, drinking and having fun at an oceanfront hotel.

They drowned. Their consciousness was not of God. If more powerful and frequent natural disasters should happen as part of the transition times, the state of one's consciousness may be so important in determining the degree of our safety. By adopting a prayerful and meditative dialogue with the Father now, you will begin to see miracles large and small happening in your life and come to have such faith that your prayers are answered.

Then in a time of crisis you will issue effective prayer that will bring assistance in a variety of forms. Again, as the Master gave, "as to the degree of your faith, so shall it be given unto you.

The more you train your everyday consciousness to be of God, the more miraculous will be your journey in the times ahead. Individual prayers for the earth are exceptionally powerful now. Believe that your prayers can send a hurricane out to sea, keep a levy from breaking or change an earthquake from becoming a destructive 7 on the Richter scale and instead happen as a minor 2 or 3.

These events are already being transformed by the prayers of the faithful around the world. The earth changes so far have happened with much less severity because of prayer. We could have experienced much worse during the accelerated testing period of to The prayers of each individual have an effect upon the fabric of the whole. All is made of the energy that is God.

Your thoughts are an energy of great substance that effect the energy of all life in a living collective meant to glorify God. All life is connected in Spirit through mind. When one acts in consistent and persistent prayer for it is a most active doing through faith and at-onement with the Father, all things are made possible with your intent that God's will be done. He is Love. How can anything but great good flow from your loving and compassionate intent? Edgar Cayce was asked in a reading what caused the end of World War I.

He replied that it was the prayer of all the mothers and fathers for the young men fighting on both sides. The prayers for their children ended a world war. Do you believe? What is the degree of your faith? Can you, through faithful prayer, personally effect whether a natural disaster is going to happen or not or how severe the consequences might or might not be? I say a resounding YES! This has already begun. In the Old Testament story of Daniel, he was thrust into a lion's den by his persecutors. They fully expected him to die, but the lions could not touch him.

His utter defenselessness was no problem. Great faith in God placed him there without fear. When I say our task is to transform our fear and come to a state of awareness of our oneness with God in the face of a possible earth changes, this is no idle thought. Prayer can get you through an earth event and the circumstances can have little effect on you. I know of a married couple who were walking down a deserted street at night in the city where they lived. A tough inner city gang came out from an alley onto the sidewalk in front of them, blocking their way.

A robbery and probably an assault were imminent. This is a scenario that can bring fear into anyone. It was a potentially life-threatening situation. The couple were firm believers though that Spirit was with them always and no harm could come to them if they called on the Father's Holy Light. In an instant each prayed silently to be surrounded by a white light of protection. They had already been practicing this technique many times in other less immediately threatening situations.

They had learned from experience that they could trust their divine protection implicitly when their faith was like a rock. They walked on and the thugs parted as they went by. They proceeded around the corner and were not harmed. Never a word was spoken. There are so many stories like this I could tell you about people in our time. The Course in Miracles tells us up front that there is no degree of difficulty in miracles.

They are naturally occurring events. From to I co-led a weekly group personal and earth healing meditation and prayer time. This is excellent to do in a group. The group energy increases the benefits for the participants and greatly increases the healing energy exponentially for the prayer time for the earth and other life. You will add to the energy of other earth healing meditation groups around the world. Understand, as you heal Mother Earth you will be healing yourself and others. The Matrix Institute, run by Gordon Michael-Scallion and Cynthia Keyes, can send out a guided earth healing tape for you if you feel inspired to start an earth healing group.

Their information will guide you on the format for the group meeting and also show you how the group is part of a network of similar earth healing meditation groups around the world. Write to:. Matrix Institute. Box Westmoreland, NH. The Center for 1, Years of Peace. Unit 1, Price Road. Intuition: A Prized Skill for the Future.

Intuitive ability will be the norm in the 1, Years of Peace. When all God's children are aware of their Oneness with God, intuition will go hand in hand with the heightened consciousness. When we grow in spirit, intuition is naturally enhanced. The daily practice of meditation and prayer brings out our intuitive ability more than anything we can do. Intuition is our sixth sense that in these times is coming to be just as natural and immediate as sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Just as we will be needing our intuitive sense more, the Father is granting us this expanded ability. His grace is in action during the transition times. It seems as if everyone I know is now uncannily psychic. Perhaps it is because, as this sense grew in me, I attracted souls of similar development.

But I think it is much more. The new psychic awareness is making for a most interesting life. It is impossible to lie or have a hidden agenda with most people I know. They can sense when someone is not telling the truth. People are allowing their inner knowing to guide them to associate with the best people and to make the best decisions in all areas of their life. It is really allowing Spirit to be in charge. People are being guided in their relationships, their work and in where it is best for them to be. They are becoming much more aware of how synchronicity points the way.

They are tuning in to messages from their higher selves and from the birds and animals. We are learning a new modus operandi. More people are beginning to see that everyday events or coincidences are not random happenings of no consequence. Books, such as The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield which emphasize this awareness, are getting on the bestseller lists.

We are learning that what we experience is part of an amazing, divinely inspired, guidance for our highest personal good. These are such exciting times. We are opening to ways we are connected at an energy level of love which infuses us and all other life. We can choose to flow in harmony with the abundance that manifests for our needs. Developing our intuition is to become aware of the moment-by-moment gifts that are showered upon us and of the creative ways we can use them. No longer will most of mankind ignore the great good and providence that the Father and the angels place before us every day.

In the Master Jesus's time he had food they knew not of. In our time we are coming to be aware of the spiritual food that is the essence of all material manifestation. As we heal ourselves we are better able to accept the food of life without shame or guilt. Our intuition is a great gift for us to train and nurture. It will lead us to heal to such a degree that we are able to stand before God, naked and unashamed. I do not mean without clothes. I speak of how we will be unashamed of our thoughts, words and deeds. He knows them all anyway. Our awareness of his knowing is coming to the fore.

As we sup more and more consciously of the cup of unconditional love, how can we want anything else more? It is too beautiful and ecstatic. Our intuition can guide us and help us to accept what we all may want and need the most - to be wholly, completely loved, no matter what we have done or thought. The 1, Years of Peace is a period in the earthly sojourn when pure, unconditional love will permeate every aspect of life. It is already beginning. There is no need to fear the transition. Open to the love of the father.

He is ready to care for your needs. Many Legions of Angels have already joyously volunteered to be with us and guide us and help us in every way if we but have the wherewithal to call on them. I have heard wondrous choirs of angels singing such a divine symphony for us. This was no dream or fantasy. I was wide awake. The heavenly choruses were a joyous rapture that went on and on. The angelic realms are real and the veil is gradually lifting. Fear not.

They are only Beauty and Love. How can we fear the earth changes when we know that the unbounded love of God is taking us by the hand and will never forsake us? We can be blessed through these transition times with abundance and protection. Our intuition can lead the way. It opens us to be naturally guided to all the gifts we need. We can come to the point where we feel we deserve it. You are a powerful spiritual being. You alone can do little, but with God, all things are possible. Forgiveness is so important in the healing that helps us come to this expanded state where our higher knowing can assist us so much.

God can, at every moment, give us the strength to act on our deep inner knowing. Two years ago I was frustrated because I just wasn't working on this book enough. Only two chapters were done out of eleven. I so wanted to get to work on it and finish. Responsibilities of daily life and other work were taking my energy away from the project I most wanted to do and that I felt strongly Spirit wanted me to do.

A part of me was also using the many distractions to not have to face sitting down and writing, a classic case of writers block. Fear was also holding me back. What would people think of me? I went into meditation. After some minutes in the silence, I asked for clarity on what I really wanted most to manifest in my life at that moment.

The sense came strongly that I wanted a quiet place in nature for two months where I could be free of distractions and not have to pay rent or worry about bills to pay or using my time and energy to pay them. A knowing came to me that I could write the rest of the book in two months if I had this place. My logical mind wanted to argue that two months couldn't possibly be enough to write nine chapters.

Yet my experience is that the deep inner guidance is to be trusted. Ideas started to pop into my head about people I might ask to house-sit for the next two months. Suddenly a clear picture of one of my relative's houses was thrust into my inner vision. I was not considering this place at all. Spirit gave me this image. I knew it was located in the north and it was then a bitter cold January. My immediate reaction was, "No, that's not good enough.

I want it to be in a warm place. It turned out that being in that house in the dead of winter helped me immensely to work away at this book. It was too cold to go outside for very long. If I had been in a warmer climate I most likely would have been pulled to be outdoors much more and it would have been harder to hunker down at my computer for most of the day. Spirit really did know the best course to follow.

I knew I had received genuine guidance in immediate response to my prayers in that meditation. If I was to be true to what I teach other people, I best act on it and see what develops. The only way to know whether the guidance is any good is to act on it and see what results. Without action, intuitive guidance is wasted. I have learned to trust that it is a great gift and it is almost a crime to ignore it. Three days later I took a hour drive to ask in person if I could stay at their house and finish my book.

I sensed that a phone call would not do it. I had to go in person. The answer was yes and we discussed the details. The many synchronicities of this trip reinforced my awareness that Spirit was helping in many ways to bring this about. By trusting the guidance and acting upon it, I was showing cooperation and enabling Spirit to assist me even more. This is a key to working with your intuition and for it to blossom for your highest good. There is a beautiful flow to life if we could just become more aware and tap into it.

This is the new modus operandi way of operating - to let the flow naturally guide us onward for our best good. It takes courage to pull up the anchor and trust. The rewards can be mighty. Recently, I was driving down the highway in Sedona, Arizona. I was worrying about something I had to do the next day. I was having doubts about my ability. Immediately, the only tumbleweed I ever saw in Sedona, went rolling across the highway in front of me. I laughed merrily. I knew it was Spirit saying all I needed to do was trust and the event would go just fine.

Like that tumbleweed, I could let go and let God and Jesus and the angels guide me. A tumbleweed has to literally let go, and let the wind take it where it is best for it to be. The event went very well. It was a great effort to suddenly move and cut all my ties in the area I had been living for five years. Other synchronicities there made it clear though that it was time to leave.

The house was available rent-free for exactly the next two months only. I did not have the financial resources to just go off and rent a place for two month with no income coming in. I had to act or miss the golden window of opportunity. Another facet of intuition is that it tends to show you opportunity in the present. When it is ignored, the opportunity can pass by. That is a great shame.

It is as if spirit has been working to create for our right choices. When we fail to recognize it or are too lazy or scared to act, all that is ready to unfold at that moment is lost.

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We choose another way that probably ends up to be the less happy or less fulfilling route. It was everything I had asked for - a quiet place in nature, free of distraction. What a miracle, for which I am so grateful. As I write this I have been here five weeks. I have three more chapters to go. I am going to make it. I still don't know where I will go or what I will do a month from now when I have to leave. I have faith that Spirit will show me the way and guide me on to what is next.

As Edgar Cayce would say in his readings, "Why worry when you can pray? If you can make a commitment to yourself to allow your high intuition to guide you, these times of inner and outer earth changes can be a grand, creative adventure, not something to be feared or to cause depression or feelings of hopelessness. When you begin feeling the latter, go within. Meditate and pray for guidance and assistance. You will be lifted up and these fear-based feelings will be transformed to feelings of peace, safety and abundance.

Love conquers fear always. The two cannot live together. We are coming into a time of such love and security with God. Let the Father and the Master and your Guardian Angel and all the angels take you by the hand and lead you. Your free will is respected. You need only ask. My psychic ability came forward when I began to meditate daily in the late s. Intuition also needs to be trained and practiced. I took classes and workshops in intuitive development. This helped me greatly to hone my intuitive skills and to develop confidence with them.

The sharing and support at these classes was very valuable. At the end of this chapter I list classes and conferences for intuitive development. If you are serious about preparing for the times ahead, I highly recommend such training. Even one weekend of intuitive training can reap rich rewards for a lifetime.

Telepathy will be a very useful tool in the near future. Webster's dictionary defines telepathy as communication of one mind with another by some means beyond normal sensory perception. In the 1, Years of Peace, the spiritually attuned people will have telepathy as an everyday part of their interactions. It will become normal sensory perception. The definition will have to be revised. If the earth changes should possibly progress to wider and more severe natural events, we may come into a time when the mass telecommunications of today are not operating.

Psychics will be depended upon to send and receive messages telepathically. This may be the only way to communicate over distances until the communications devices are back up and running to some degree. Television and radio stations may not be able to broadcast in different areas at different times. The electricity in some areas may not be on for TV sets and radios to receive the broadcasts. Phone service will be impaired. The spiritual communities in the safer areas will regularly exchange messages through telepathic "uplink" by their most psychic members.

More people will be trained for telepathic work. The best teachers will travel among the safer or more stable areas as part of an ongoing exchange program. We are all intuitive and telepathic. Most of us generally don't believe it or have confidence in it. I have experienced this in my classes. That is amazing. One need not feel you have to be especially gifted to do it. It only takes guidance to relax, imagine you can, and go with the images and sensations that come. It is natural and latent within each of us. One interesting experiment I have tried with successful results is to send a telepathic message to someone far away.

I go into meditation and when I am deeply relaxed in the quiet, I ask my higher self to connect to the higher self of another person who I wish to get a message to. This technique has saved me some money on long distance phone bills. A case in point was the time when I really needed a particular person to pay me some money they owed me. The individual was living about miles away. In meditation I called on my higher self to connect to their higher self. We are all connected in Spirit. In the higher dimensions there is no distance. I told her in Spirit that I really needed her to send me the money.

I didn't try to get her to do it. That would be a form of coercion bordering on psychic attack.

It would be an unethical violation of her free will. My intent was simply that she get the message from her higher self.

NHNE Special Report: Earth Changes & Millennium Fever

How she responded was up to her. The next morning she called me on the phone long distance to let me know that last night she had "felt" strongly that I really needed her to send me the money. She let me know that she had put it in the mail that morning. I received it in a few days right when I needed it. Even though she did not actually hear my voice or speak back to me during the telepathic sending, she did get the message clearly when I sent it.

I knew intuitively also during that meditation that she had received the message and was going to send me the check the next day. She really didn't have to call me. You could try this experiment at the end of your meditations. See if the person sensed your message in any way. Keep working with it.

Persistence and consistency may be needed at first. Also, since this is being done through the assistance of your higher spiritual selves, it is far more likely to be successful if the message is important and needed. A frivolous, game type of message has no real purpose to accomplish some good in the world.

Here is another important point in working with your intuition: Always have a creative purpose of service if at all possible. It is a form of protection as well as something the higher kingdom would want to help us with. Also in my readings I am able to teleport my astral self or higher being-awareness to other locations and see the scene and describe the place in detail.

The place can be in the far past, the future or the present. I was astounded that I could do this in a beginners' psychic training workshop. Everyone else in the room could do it to! One exercise in the class was to get with a partner and get very relaxed in a chair facing them. We were to say their name three times, then their resident address three times. Having the person say their name three times helps you to tune into their vibration.

They were not to tell us anything about their house at that location. My partner and I were both able to describe each others' homes in detail and neither of us had ever seen the other's home before. Her home was two time zones away, in an area I had never been. I had accurately described her home inside and out, the front and back yard, and the neighborhood. Later that day we were given an exercise to imagine we could project our psychic sight remote view to the motel room of the facilitator of the workshop.

None of us had been there. She told us that she had placed something on a table in her room. The person who described it most accurately through remote viewing would win it. She gave us the address and room number. During the exercise, I immediately saw an angel on a metal stand. She was about 12 inches tall. Her face was white porcelain. She was surrounded by a beautiful, silkish blue. I saw a crystal in her hand. She had fine detail work about her. I wrote down my description.

The next day I discovered that I had won something! I had best described the details of a beautiful, hand-made, one of a kind, collectors' porcelain angel. The blue all around her turned out to be the material of her dress. She is called the Keeper of Dreams. Winning her helped me immensely to develop more confidence in my psychic ability.

The lesson in this story is that several people told me they had received an image of an angel, but had immediately put it out of their minds. Their objective mind said, "No, it can't be an angel. That is another crucial ingredient in working with your intuition. Let the images and feelings come. As you go with it, no matter how dumb or nonsensical it is, trust that it will come to make sense as you are given more information. Also intuition flows best when you are in a relaxed state and after you have prayed to be a sincere channel of the highest information for the greatest good of all concerned.

So we come back to meditation and prayer as the grand facilitators of intuitive guidance. Note also how an ideal of service is emphasized for this work. Even if you don't think you can do it, imagine or pretend that you can. I suggest you try the remote viewing exercises several times and see how you do. Linda Schiller-Hanna says in her classes that her best breathers are her best readers. Taking slow deep breathes helps the relaxation process for intuitive receptivity. I recommend yoga and Tai Chi as activities that can help enhance your intuition.

Both practices work with the breath and are wonderfully relaxing and centering. Nostradamus recognized that deep relaxation was key to his psychic abilities. Some terms for working with your intuition are clairvoyance clear seeing , clairaudience clear hearing and clairsentience clear feeling. You may find that one of these psychic senses is more prominent for you.

My readings are a combination of all three. Your intuition will most likely be as well. We all have the ability. Just imagine how people will be helped after a possible natural disaster during these transition times. Suppose they have no way of knowing how dear loved ones are faring in another area.

The psychic can tune into them, get them a message from their loved ones and also tell the person requesting the reading exactly how the people look and are. They could be anywhere in the world. Suppose local officials really need to find out what is going on in other regions and request assistance, but all telecommunications are down. Psychics could be called upon to relay messages telepathically and also to use remote viewing to see the other areas and locate people. The highly skilled intuitives could be vital for a time.

The legitimacy of intuition as a respected working tool in society may be established through necessity during the times of change. The results will not be able to be disputed. In time, people won't need to seek out a trained, experienced psychic to do it. They will do it themselves, having been trained throughout childhood.

I am reminded of a reading a few years ago that I gave in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As soon as I began the reading, I saw a house in Amarillo, Texas, in my third-eye vision. I asked the lady present before me for the reading if she was trying to sell a house in Amarillo. I saw the for-sale sign. She was.

Edgar Cayce - Readings on Know Thyself

I knew it had been on the market for some time and that there had been no interest. I also knew she needed the money from the sale so she could move on with her life. Seeing the house and the yard and the inside of the house, I was able to suggest some things to upgrade the landscaping and make the inside of the house more attractive. I also saw a female Realtor who was with a Remax Realtor agency. I asked the lady if she knew of such an agency in Amarillo. She said there was one there.

The guidance suggested that if she chose to change to that agency specifically with a female agent, the house would sell within three weeks. My client had the courage or determination to act on the intuitive information. She did everything the reading suggested and the house sold within three weeks. I was so glad for her. I don't tell this story to toot my own horn so to speak, but to show that in the face of possible earth changes effecting the whole world, such ability will be so helpful, perhaps in ways we can't even think of now.

Why not nurture this ability and get confident from seeing the results? Then, when the changes come, you will have a gift of possibly immeasurable value to share and even to teach others when the need is great. There are simple and fun ways that you can experiment with your innate intuitive ability. A friend of mine had been driving on an interstate highway for over six hours. She began to feel fatigue. She asked Spirit for guidance on whether or not it was time to take a break. She wanted to continue on. Immediately a truck passed by her with large lettering on the side that read: "Perfect Timing.

Later, on that same trip, she prayed for guidance on what she could do to improve her relationship with her significant other. The next truck that went by had the lettering, "Be kind. Be safe. Be courteous. Signs along the way on her travels always seem to speak directly to the question at hand for her. Another friend uses pennies as a technique for receiving guidance. She prays to God for a penny to appear immediately before her if the answer to the question she poses is "Yes. One friend taught me to really pay attention to the first words I hear from the radio when I turn it on.

She would get unfailing messages for her best good in this way. She expected them and knew it was her higher self and guides working for her on whatever problem was on her mind. I have also had excellent results by paying particular attention to those first words on the radio. Here is another important part of working with your intuition: A sense of expectancy facilitates the presentation to you of guidance from the angels, from your guides and from your higher self.

These simple techniques of present-state awareness may seem like ridiculous ways to decide on a course of action in some major decision in life. But the angels really do seek to guide us moment by moment. Again, we need only learn to pay attention and have more faith.

Persistence and consistence are needed when you choose one of these techniques. The above stories are all about little daily miracles that are waiting for us to accept, as well as the big ones! Another way to get information for a person or circumstance is the use of psychometry. This is the ability to discover facts about an object or an individual associated to it by being close to or in contact with the object.

I learned some information about the use of intuition in the near future by conducting psychometry on a very old stone knife. A friend had found the knife on a muddy trail after a storm one summer while hiking in a forest near the Hudson River in New York State. The rain must have unearthed it. He thought it was an Indian artifact. I asked if I could do psychometry on it and see if I could learn anything. I held the center of it between my palms.

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The knife was about eight inches long. It was fairly flat and made from one chiseled piece of stone with a rough surface like an arrowhead. The left end of the knife was a handle. But the marks for the fingers were not the right size for a human adult hand. It was a most curious piece. When I tuned in, I immediately got a sense of cold. At first I thought this must be because the stone knife was cold. It was not. But I went with the feeling and saw an image of a female dressed in layers of thick skins. The temperature was cold. I knew it was the Ice Age by the look of the terrain and that she appeared somewhat humanoid, but more like the ideas of prehistoric man.

This was no Indian knife. I sensed it was at least 11, years old. When I want a date in a reading, I suggest to myself to see a ruler or yardstick. Each inch number is a day, month, year, or century depending on the needs of the moment. I ask my higher self to show me the right date. My "vision" then comes to rest on a spot on the ruler and I am given the time information. The woman was using the knife to scrape a large hide on its underside. She was softening the hide.

I had expected to see scenes of killing associated with the knife. Instead I got feelings of cold, but also of peace. It turned out the knife had not been used for killing at all. I was able to once again dismiss what my logical mind was rejecting early in the reading and allow the scenes and feelings to flow. Then I saw a scene of the woman and her group in a forest. They were peacefully foraging for food - berries, roots and such. A male at one end of the group received an image or sense in his mind that some very large and dangerous animals were approaching from the valley to the north.

They were a few miles away, beyond their physical sight, smell or hearing. He remote viewed them. He projected the image or sense of the animals approaching to the minds of everyone in the group. They were spread out in the forest to where they could not see each other, but they "knew" where each of the others were and what they were doing. The male who had first received the intuitive information then suggested to the group again via telepathy that it would be good if they went off to their left and proceeded up the valley on the other side of the hills from the valley where the big animals were approaching.

The group got the idea and without being able to see each other or speak to each other, they all reversed course and began moving in the direction that would take them well away from the impending danger. These souls had not yet developed language. Telepathy was an excellent means of quiet communication in a dangerous time. They impressed me so much with how peaceful they were and how they were in such harmony with each other and with nature. In the future we will retain our high intellect, but also retrieve the ability to communicate like our far ancestors.

The ability is in our genes ready to manifest again in times when telepathic communication will be needed. I emphasize that we are not going back to the stone age. We will take the best of the 20th century with us. When all the members of a community become highly intuitive in the future, they will also become as peaceful as the souls I experienced in the psychometry session on that knife. Like our ancestors who easily flowed along in the face of climatic changes and danger, so too can we flow with our guidance peacefully through the changes before us.

Another way our intuitive faculties can assist the transition to the 1, Years of Peace is through prayer for souls in the borderland about the earth. For the great era of peace to enter in, the darker or more negative energies of the astral plane need healing. Sometimes when a person dies traumatically or if they were really enamored to their former physical existence, they don't go to the light at death. They become ghosts. Most of the time they are not evil. They are lost, confused, suffering and lonely. Often they don't know that they died and they don't understand what has happened to them.

In my psychic work to assist these souls, I have developed great compassion for them. They are so unhappy. During the 1, Years of Peace there will be such light in the earth and such harmony that I believe this borderland will not exist then or it will become a lighter area of more heavenly influence.

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Spirit needs volunteers now who can commit to transforming this area of our world. They will play an important part of the cleansing during the transition times. I have learned not to do this work in the house the souls are still hanging around in. They tend to be quite telepathic and know why I am there - to assist them to choose to go to the light. They can be quite afraid of the light, not understanding what it is. If they are really attached to the place, they can be angry or hostile, thinking I am there to drive them out.

It is best to go to another space that is of a good healing vibration, a sacred space where you can do the intuitive prayer service for them at a distance. This is an element of protection as well. Also it seems to work best to do this so that the session ends right at sunset. I can't really explain this, but I know that is the best time. One of the first experiences I had with this type of intuitive healing work involved a house that a woman was renting alone. She felt uncomfortable in the house, feeling like someone else was there all the time.

She asked me to do a "house cleaning" for her and to tune in and see what I got about the situation. If you haven't seen the house in person or don't feel confident that you will see it via remote viewing, you can request photographs of the house so you can get a good image of it for the session. I had visited this house and already knew it. When I said my opening prayers for protection see Chapter Two , I then went into meditation a little before sunset at my office.

After getting relaxed in the silence, I stated my intention to assist any souls in the home. I prayed for the highest information for the greatest good of all concerned. I stated the address of the house three times.

The Tabernacle as a Model for Meditation: Based on the Edgar Cayce Reading [PDF Download] Online

I saw a little boy about five years old. He was the spirit in the home that the woman had sensed. He had been in this state for some years now. He had resided in the home in life. He had died and did not understand what had happened. He was very lonely and unhappy. My heart went out to him.

I called upon my higher self to speak to his higher self. I explained what had happened to him and told him not to be afraid of the light, that if he went there people who loved him would be there. He was afraid. I prayed for those who loved him and who had passed on before him to assist and let him see them so he could go to them.

Then I saw a shaft of light come down through the ceiling in the hallway at the center of the house. I saw bright beings emerge from the bright higher light to stand near the ceiling, still in the shaft of light. Then three other souls with more definition to their bodies emerged from the bright light and came down and stood in the light on the floor.

It was a young husband and wife and a little black dog. I was amazed to see the dog. I sensed that they all might have been older when they died. They were appearing in the likeness of how they were when the little boy knew them in life so he would recognize them.

I explained to the boy that the light was all love and that is where happiness and joy is. He first saw the little dog and became so glad. I knew it was his beloved companion from when he had been alive. He really wanted to go to the dog and forgot his fear. The little boy moved into the light.

He petted the dog which was wagging its tail. He took hold of his parents' hands. They smiled at him. It was all so beautiful and peaceful. They all turned toward the light, including the little dog with his tail wagging towards me, and they ascended up to the angels who were waiting above.

The angels turned upward with them and they all ascended together and went on, disappearing into the light. Then the light ray went up after them and also disappeared. The woman renter reported that she no longer felt uncomfortable in the house after that. Some months later I learned that a beloved pet is often the first contact. What I saw was so beautiful. I will never forget it. I must not take credit. I was only the prayerful helper. The boy and the angels did it together. I was somehow the catalyst for the wonderful healing and reunion to take place.

Prayer is powerful if the intention is pure. This type of prayer also involves application of intuition. Helping these tragic souls can be so fulfilling. If you feel good about assisting souls like this, you can pray for opportunities to present themselves. Be warned though, you can get what you asked for. You may begin to experience circumstances where Spirit guides you to go live in houses that end up having such souls so you can help them.

I went through a period where I lived at several addresses when I began this way of working with my intuition. It seemed that when I helped the souls move on, then spirit would uproot me and send me to live somewhere else where I could help some more souls on the astral plane. If the idea of attempting this frightens you, it would be best not to try. It is for those who are really solid in their faith in God and his divine protection in all circumstances. This work is not for everyone.

Please don't feel guilty if you decline. You have other forms of service to perform. There is the possibility that if you aren't fiercely strong in your sense of protection and absolutely dedicated to the highest service of the purest light, then the spirits could bother you when you open yourself to contact with them. In some cases, possession or physical harm could be a threat. Shop with an easy mind and be rest assured that your online shopping experience with SapnaOnline will be the best at all times.

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