The Sultan of Byzantium

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Legend has it that he escaped in a Genoese ship, cheating certain death at the hands of the Turks and earning himself the title of Immortal Emperor. Five centuries after his disappearance, three mysterious men contact a young professor living in Istanbul. The professor embarks on a dangerous journey, taking him to the heart of a mystery of epic historical significance.

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  • The Sultan of Byzantium is a symbiosis of story and history and a homage to Byzantine civilisation. He is a retired banking executive and bibliophile. He lives in Istanbul. Her essays are published in international periodicals.

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    Never mind the treasure — it's the quest that matters' Independent. Altun beautifully incorporates details about the Byzantine Empire less familiar to Western audiences, as well as healthy injections of wry humor, into this riveting escapade' Publishers Weekly.

    The Fall of Constantinople(Istanbul) - 1453

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    Naturally curious, Araboglu attends, to be greeted with the mind-blowing news that he is actually a descendant of the last Byzantine emperor, and thus the emperor-in-exile the Byzantine has been awaiting for over years.

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    He accedes to carry out the tasks Askaris assigns him as necessary to fulfilling his new role-two months of study, followed by a testing process requiring him to solve a riddle in his ancestor's will. Altun Songs My Mother Never Taught Me beautifully incorporates details about the Byzantine Empire less familiar to Western audiences, as well as healthy injections of wry humor, into this riveting escapade.

    Bizantski sultan. Il sultano di Bisanzio. Many and Many a Year Ago.