The Heretic’s Treasure (Ben Hope, Book 4)

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What he gets instead is the kind of trouble that only a man like him can handle. Ben Hope is trained to identify danger. So when he finds out that someone very important to him is working on a US container ship in the treacherous seas off the East African coast, he fears the worst. Within days the ship is hijacked by pirates.

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Taking matters into his own hands, Ben embarks upon the most daring rescue mission of his career Has Ben Hope finally met his match? The master best seller returns with the explosive follow-up to Star of Africa. The second in a two-part series. Held hostage by a despicable tyrant in the heart of Africa - within the lawless and unforgiving Congo - it's not looking good for Ben Hope.

The Heretic's Treasure

Even worse, someone very important to him has fallen into the enemy's hands, and they're using this against Ben as part of a depraved plan to bend him to their will. When a sniper leaves Ben Hope's friend fighting for his life, the former SAS major declares war on the men responsible. But what begins as a straightforward revenge mission gets complicated when a mysterious letter reveals Ben to be the real target. And his isn't the only name on a crazed killer's list. Professor Anna Manzini has no idea she's in grave danger from a man she'd thought dead.

She's on the cusp of a major discovery: the location of the lost Babylon idol, a golden statue of immeasurable value.

The Heretic's Treasure (Ben Hope, Book 4)

The spellbinding new Ben Hope thriller. A lost manuscript. A savage murder hunt. A deadly secret. While on a business trip to the UK, Ben Hope makes an impulse decision to attend a college reunion at his former university, Oxford. There he meets an old friend, Nick, now an internationally renowned classical musician. But storm clouds are soon once again brewing on Ben's horizon.

When year-old Valentina fails to return from a visit to her father in Moscow, alarm bells start ringing. Her rich and powerful family know there's one man they can depend on to bring her back safe: former SAS major Ben Hope. But what starts off as an apparently straightforward case of parental child abduction quickly takes on more sinister dimensions as Ben travels to Moscow and starts to investigate the whereabouts of Valentina and her father, Yuri, a man with a hidden past not even his ex-wife knows about.

Target of a state-wide manhunt, the only way Ben can prove his innocence is to unearth a long-forgotten secret and track down the killers who slaughtered an innocent woman in a vendetta dating back generations. People going missing in the remote wilds of India is not unusual. But when the son of a wealthy Delhi businessman is kidnapped just weeks after his brother fell victim to an alleged bandit attack in the mountains of Haryana, it raises eyebrows. But for Ben, this is no ordinary rescue case. Because this plea for help is coming from a special person from his past, who now has nobody else to turn to.

Following a chance encounter with a terrified young woman in the streets of Paris, former SAS soldier Ben Hope finds himself hurled into a violent new mission involving murder, international terrorism and stolen historic artefacts.

A man he knew and fought years ago. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. November 11, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. If I find a new author and his work is acceptable as far as plot and characters, I seek out other works he has written and read them, preferably in order.

This was my first Ben Hope adventure, and it was lacking in some situations, but it was good enough to warrant my reading further adventures. For example, one time he was trapped in a room with three vicious thugs and the scene shifted to another location, and after a while he walked out of the building onto the street. The three thugs all ended up dead in the long run, but there was no explanation about how he overcame them.

May 27, - Published on Amazon. At first, I hated the writing. It seemed to be such a formula based story, I almost quit. You know the kind, handsome hero, always right, bulletproof, rich, conflicted but lovable. The story line was very good, and all those movies and books chasing clues to treasure make it more difficult. I actually liked it, and could see a movie that would be sort of "Indiana Jones meets National Treasure".

June 3, - Published on Amazon. Sat on the edge of my chair for most of the book. The more I read, the more I wanted to read.

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Quite a thriller, lots of unexpected twists. The shooting and killing aren't my usual read but the plot was unnerving especially the ending. Who would have ever suspected. Join the millions of readers who get breathless with anticipation when the countdown to a new Ben Hope thriller begins… Whilst the Ben Hope thrillers can be read in any order, this is the fourth book in the series.

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The Heretic's Treasure

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