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Their natural system aims to have you learn through conversations. Also, the book includes oral exercises as well as pronunciation tips.

Another book that was designed to be used for self-teaching is the Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course. This book, however, is for beginner learners who have already learned some basics of the French language and want to advance to intermediate level.


If you buy the book you also get two audio CDs, and there is an online course that you can use with it as well. With this book you can develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening through conversations, vocabulary, grammar explanations and practice exercises. The methodology of this book is what they call the Discovery Method, which means you figure out the rules and patterns on your own in order to learn them better. And if you enjoy this book and its methodology, there are other French books in the Teach Yourself series.

DK has a series of language packs for learning different languages, and they are all known for being very visually appealing. If you want to learn French and are a visual learner, you might want to check out the Complete Language Pack system for learning French.

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The book cover advertises that you can learn French in just 15 minutes a day. That is because their program is organized in 60 units that can be completed in 15 minutes each. The book is organized by practical themes, and it is based on simple but real everyday conversations. If you purchase the complete package you also receive a pocket-sized visual French phrase book and a guide to basic French grammar.

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You can also download two free apps that accompany the pack, with lots of audio that can help you practice your listening and speaking skills. Instead of just containing information about the French language, this book also provides lots of tips on how to better learn the language, such as help creating study schedules, different tricks and resources that you can use to accelerate your learning, how to stay motivated, and how to appreciate different sources of French like those that are found in the media.

Therefore, it is more of a study guide than just a French textbook. So if you want a book that can help you get organized and make a plan for your French language learning experience, this might be the right book for you. This program has materials for learning several different languages.

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Best language apps for learning how to speak French in 12222

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How to Learn French Grammar (the Sane Way): 6 Tips I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Upcoming SlideShare. In French, there are three sets of regular verbs that rear their heads again and again, so learning the patterns of each one will really come in handy. Verbs ending in -er , -ir and -re follow the same pattern in most instances. Learning grammar in a foreign language will teach you a lot about languages in general, bringing your attention to many technical things you had no idea were going on!

Plural nouns are just one or some of these things. Most nouns require simply an extra s to be turned from singular to plural. Nouns that end in vowels, however, have a few different rules. Most nouns that end in — au take on an x to become the plural form.

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Others, which end in — al, take on an — aux , but instead of tacking this onto the end, you actually put -aux in place of -al. For example, the word journal newspaper ends up being written as journaux newspapers in the plural. The majority of nouns which end in s, z or x do not change when they become plural and can instead be identified by their article. Un virus a virus , for example, becomes des virus in the plural form.

In English, none of our words have gendered agreements, so the whole idea of using masculine and feminine French words can feel a little strange at first. This grammar point may seem tricky at first, but will soon become easy for you to remember; all it takes is a little focus in the beginning to get used to it.

French nouns and their corresponding adjectives can be either masculine or feminine , as well as singular or plural. In general, for example, feminine words end with an e , so the most common way to make an adjective agree with a feminine noun is simply to add an e at the end. Joli pretty becomes jolie in the feminine form. If words end with a consonant, however, you need to do something different to make them agree with a feminine noun. This post goes over the basics of adjective agreement , and this one goes more in-depth.

In French, reflexive verbs are used to describe something that someone does to themselves, and there are many examples that relate to rituals in everyday life.


Remembering how to transform a pronoun into its reflexive form is very easy. Here are the corresponding reflexive pronouns for each personal pronoun:.