Pricing the Priceless: A Health Care Conundrum (Walras-Pareto Lectures)

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Erkan Angelo I will highlight a previously overlooked productivity effect of improved opportunities for offshoring. The productivity effect works like factor-augmenting technological progress for the factor whose tasks become easier to move offshore. As a result of the productivity effect, reductions in the cost of trading tasks can generate shared gains for all domestic factors, in contrast to the distributional conflict that typically results from reductions in the cost of trading goods.

The model features scale economies that generate benefits from geographic specialization at the task level. I will discuss the scope for multiple equilibria in such an environment and propose several refinements of Nash equilibrium that might narrow the range of such multiplicity. Then I will examine how reductions in the costs of offshoring affect the organization of production, labor productivity and factor prices. Finally, I will discuss the determinants of the pattern of task trade, and show that a fall in offshoring costs can have surprising effects on national output levels, on net exports of sevices, and on national income.

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He received his B. Professor Grossman has received numerous professional honors and awards including the Harry G. Professor Grossman has written extensively on international trade. He is well known for his work on the determinants of international competitiveness in dynamic, research-intensive industries, and in particular for his book with Elhanan Helpman entitled Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy.

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He has also written with colleague Alan Krueger a widely-cited paper on the likely environmental impacts of the North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as many other papers on U. His most recent writings examine the political forces that shape modern trade policy. Their current research focuses on the causes and consequences of offshore outsourcing. The Grossman's have two daughters, Shari age 20 and Dina age Lecture 1: Oil and the Global Economy This paper will look at the controversies over how oil affects global growth in both developed and developing economies and what steps countries including producers can take to deal with oil shocks.

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  • See the paper Lecture 2: Oil Recycling Redux This lecture will look at how the latest oil shock has affected global imbalances and vulnerabilities, and policy measures both countries -- and international financial institutions -- can take. I will cast the issues in the context of the larger debate on global imbalances and sustainability of the US current account. Lecture 3: Oil, Commodity Prices and Exchange Rates This lecture will both look at the effect of commodity and oil price shocks on exchange rates and alternative policy prescriptions for dealing with shocks.

    How does the level of country's financial development matter. The lectures present a theory of boundedly rational reasoning about dynamic economic systems. The theory is inspired by the literature on qualitative physics Bobrow but it adds new developments. The aim is a formal reconstruction of verbal qualitative reasoning about economic dynamics. Hume's specie flow machanism and Hawtrey's monetary business cycle provide illustrative examples.