Optical Processes in Solids

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A unifying element that links the apparently diverse phenomena observed in optical processes is the dielectric dispersion of matter.

It describes the response of matter to incoming electromagnetic waves and charged particles, and thus predicts their behavior in the self-induced field of matter, known as polariton and polaron effects. The energies of phonon, exciton and plasmon, quanta of collective motions of charged particles constituting the matter, are also governed by dielectric dispersion. Since the latter is a functional of the former, one can derive useful relations for their self-consistency.

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Nonlinear response to laser light inclusive of multiphoton processes, and excitation of atomic inner shells by synchrotron radiation, are also described. Theory of Excitons in Phonon Fields.

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Optical Properties

An exciton is an electronic excitation wave consisting of an electron-hole pair which propagates in a nonmetallic solid. Since the pioneering research of Fren- kel, Wannier and the Pohl group in the s, a large number of experimental and theoretical studies have been made. Due to these investigations the exciton is now a well-established concept and the electronic structure has been clarified in great detail.

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  • Optical Properties of Solids (Oxford Master Series in Physics) - PDF Free Download.

The next subjects for investigation are, naturally, dynamical processes of excitons such as excitation, relaxation, annihilation and molecule formation and, in fact, many interesting phenomena have been disclosed by recent works.