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Discover more. Subscribe to our email newsletter for receiving updates on new courses, initiatives, events and more. Get in contact with our Information and Orientation Office to receive more information about your course of interest. Learning outcomes Upon successful completion of the master course, students will be able to: Achieve a complete understanding of current industry developments and gain a superior forecasting ability. Manage all operative tools related to merchandising and buying techniques.

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Review competitor analyses and benchmarking to identify business opportunities. Manage all stages of a purchase order, making negotiations on commercial terms and developing a seasonal sales strategy. Supervise photo shoots for advertising campaigns, promotions, showrooms, e-commerces and the catwalk. Career Opportunities A career as Merchandiser or Buyer can develop from intermediate steps and roles in E-commerce, Multi-brand and Fashion Brand environments to then evolve and grow into Retail Manager.

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We are here to answer any questions you have about our courses and activities. First name Insert your First Name. The nature of modern analysis has allowed many merchandisers to plan as much as four seasons ahead, and they are expected to apply the data.

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This further increases the demands placed on their roles and emphasizes the need to task out minor details that do not require their input or much of their supervision. Fashion merchandisers follow the five rights of merchandising , or 5Rs, to ensure that they properly meet the needs of consumers; thus, turning a profit.

By researching and answering the five rights of merchandising, fashion merchandisers can gain an understanding of what products consumers want, when and where they wish to make purchases, and what prices will have the highest demand. Both fashion retailers and manufacturers utilize the 5Rs. Clothing manufacturers practice fashion merchandising differently than retailers.

Manufacturer merchandisers forecast customers' preferences for silhouettes, sizes, colors, quantities, and costs each season. When making decisions, manufacturer merchandisers must keep retailers and end consumers in mind.

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Following the forecasting stage, manufacturer merchandisers meet with designers to develop products that consumers will purchase most. By referring to the five rights of merchandising, manufacturer merchandisers determine the best fabric, notions, product methods, and promotions for products. In comparison to manufacturer merchandisers, retailer merchandisers also begin their process by forecasting industry and fashion trends with their target markets in mind. Sales are predicted in retail dollars and beginning of the month BOM stock. Similar to manufacturer merchandisers, retailer merchandisers must make all decisions regarding the final consumer.


Decisions are made based on the past, present, and future of the economy, sales, industry and fashion trends, region and world events, and the fashion cycle. When selecting merchandise to offer, retailer merchandisers will consider their target markets' color, style, size, and cost preferences. Once accurate decisions are made, retailer merchandisers will order goods from vendors or produce private labels. Individuals interested in building a career in fashion merchandising should earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising or a related field, such as marketing.

Relevant courses include, but are not limited to, fashion, accounting, economics, textile and merchandising, psychology, marketing, and management.

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In addition to schooling, those aspiring to work as fashion merchandisers are required to do an internship with any retail company of their choice as well as work in the retail field. It is also suggested that one stays caught up in the latest fashion trends, which can be done by reading blogs, magazines, traveling, and shopping. A fashion merchandiser will not only be responsible for choosing the best clothes but for making the store appealing to the eye.

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The proper education is very important in order to be successful in this career. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A fashion merchandiser can take on a number of different careers in the industry. This includes product development i. Other fashion merchandisers prefer to go into buying. These are the folks who decide which designs are in your favorite boutiques and e-commerce stores. That floral A-line dress from Gap was chosen by a buyer in the same way the wedding dress you purchased at Kleinfeld was chosen by a buyer.

Ever wonder how Rihanna makes best-dressed lists? She can thank her stylist for picking out the goods that suit her style and flatter her figure. Visual merchandising is a little different than plain old fashion merchandising.

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  • The people who go into this field generally work in retail spaces only. There are many colleges that offer fashion merchandising as a specific major, but those looking to enter the field may also study visual merchandising and business.