Effective Operations and Performance Management

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The benefits of ongoing performance management

The Office provides a variety of management services for Departmental leadership to foster and encourage organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability throughout Interior. The Office is responsible for the following:. Strategic Planning.

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Performance Assessment and Program Evaluation. Determines and advises whether program goals are suitable for full achievement of the purposes of programs and that the means for measurement of progress toward achievement of the goals are sufficient.

The Office is also responsible for assessing programmatic performance across the Department and advising bureaus and offices on means to improve programmatic performance and efficiency. Performance Management is a vital process for modern organizations.

Effective Operations and Performance Management: Bloomsbury Information

Managers need effective performance management tools and techniques set in place to receive on-time and pertinent feedback. More importantly, employees expect feedback and a culture that fosters their own development, and want to understand how their efforts tie into corporate objectives, what is expected of them, and how they are measured for it.

Then, we will examine various tools which will help you maintain high-levels of performance management within your organization. The technology being developed to support and improve performance management in organizations is constantly improving. Nowadays, performance management technology can facilitate all of the practices mentioned above.

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It is now possible to streamline goal-setting via digital processes in a way that has objectives synced with data-analytics on actual business performance and that can be altered as needed in real-time. The aim of all these tools is to improve performance by empowering, substantiating and focusing employee-manager discourse, by giving both sides the tools to improve. Utilizing performance management platforms such as Gameffective generates transparency.

Additionally, Gameffective connects performance to learning, prompting employees to complete relevant training campaigns or micro-lessons based on their failed-attempts to reach certain KPIs. Gameffective provides a performance management platform with built-in gamification features, designed to significantly improve business outcomes through real-time performance tracking, goal-setting, employee engagement and on-the-job achievements.

The platform provides an open architecture for easy integration with existing systems. Additionally, it allows users to work across numerous enterprise applications simultaneously, on mobile, TV, and the web. It enables quick launching of gamification projects, providing real-time performance metrics that go beyond just using leaderboards and points in performance gamification. Skip to content.


The Importance of Performance Management

Apr 15 April 15, By Tal Valler. They need to understand what is required of them, what their personal benchmarks are and what the guidelines are for them to achieve them. They need to feel that they are a productive part of your operation, and require a clear view as to how they fit in with — and contribute to — corporate objectives.

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